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"Ann helped me go through every piece of paper I had accumulated over a seven year period in order to reorganize my office. The file system we created is a dream come true for me. I can find my papers in a matter of seconds. I am so happy to live in an environment that fits my mind, my needs, and from which all my patients and projects will benefit. Ann was patient as I made decisions and waited when necessary. She gave input and suggestions when needed that were well thought out and I could see they were coming from a wealth of experience. Ann is positive, knowledgeable, punctual and fun, and will make your life more organized and your dreams within your reach." - P.D., Bozeman, MT

"Ann was easy to work with and motivating while we decluttered and organized my home office. I have been amazed by the things Ann taught me. What a gift to not just organize me, but to teach me what to do." - Cyndi Adkison, Elk Grove, CA

"Ann was extremely helpful and productive. She assisted me with an incredible amount of work for the time she worked with me. She explained things very well and did not judge me for the mistakes I had made prior to meeting her. I would refer her to others and use her again. In fact, I would not want to work with anyone else!" - Brian McGinity, Sacramento CA

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"Ann is my 'miracle worker.' I suffer from anxiety disorders, resulting in chronic disorganization. The mess of 'stuff' throughout my entire house, including the garage, was overwhelming. If there was a horizontal surface, it was loaded. Ann, with her energetic but gentle guidance, sorted through everything with me and helped me part with quite a bit of that 'stuff.' She made my home livable again. She also taught me organizational skills to help keep it livable. Besides transforming each room, she also created a filing system for me so that I can retrieve anything I need. Ann is efficient, but also very thorough. She has a bright, easygoing disposition, putting me at ease from the very beginning, which, for a person with such debilitating disorders, was amazing! Full of energy and know-how, Ann does an excellent job of organizing. She is able and willing to tackle any tasks set before her. She is, indeed, my 'miracle worker!' - Jo Joedeman, Rio Vista, CA

"Ann is the most amazing organizing expert. Even on my bad days she seemed to just always lift me up and help me to be productive. She is a very positive and efficient person to work with. The best part was being side-by-side with her working together as a team. She was like a coach, teacher, mentor, therapist and, most of all, a true friend through it all. She is truly an angel in disguise! I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of help in organizing their home or business." - Maya Carino, Sacramento, CA

"Today I went to look up something in my beautiful wood looking file cabinet (Ann had covered my old gray cabinet with contact paper to make it look like wood) -- and there it was -- in alphabetical order -- just where it was supposed to be. I said to myself, 'Thank you, Ann!' This has happened several times. I can find things now thanks to Ann." - Barri Freeman, Fair Oaks, CA

"Ann strikes the ideal combination of cheerfulness and humor when and where it is most needed. Working up the needed resolve to face the accumulated clutter of 30 years of papers, files and personal belongings was a task my wife and I seemed unable to get our arms around. Ann made us feel less daunted by the task and gave us just the right blend of can-do encouragement and resolve needed to go forward with it. In the end we had the great satisfaction of seeing our living room freed of storage boxes and clutter and our office files in much better order. It was immensely satisfying to be able to quickly locate needed files and information. Without Ann's valuable assistance we would still be treading water. Not only that, we gained a wonderful new friend!" - Ed and Rhonda O'Brien, Davis, CA

"Ann helped me immensely through a very complex and emotional transition. She not only provided wonderful organization assistance and advice, she supported me as a friend. I will always be grateful for her help and compassion. I look forward to working with her again!" - Stevie Woodman, Elk Grove, CA

"I've used Ann's organizing services to help with my garage and shed. I had boxes and files that I had stored for many years. Not only did Ann persevere through all my stuff, but she kept me focused and really helped me make very tough decisions on personal things. Even though it was hard work, we were able to also laugh and have fun. She was like the energizer bunny! I now can park my car in my garage and all my Christmas decorations are stored out in my shed. I plan to use her services again to gradually go through my house. I would not hesitate to recommend Ann to anyone who needs her services." - Dale Berger, Lincoln, CA

"Before Ann came, my entire house was filled to overflowing, with too many papers and miscellaneous items. Now I've gotten rid of everything I never used or wanted, and I feel so much better and happier. Ann has taught me how to let go and not dwell on the past." - Maria Huerta, Elk Grove, CA

"After the whirlwind of building and moving into our new home, I was too exhausted to figure out how to get the whole place organized. Ann's calm and consistent approach was fantastic. She stayed clear and focused for both of us. I found her relaxed, thorough and so good-natured, I actually began looking forward to her visits." - Barbara Thompson, Wilton, CA

"Ann came into my home and made a daunting task bearable…even fun! She is delightful to work with, has great ideas and a charming personality. I definitely recommend her and will be using her services again." - Sharon Bitz, Fair Oaks, CA

"Ann is like an enthusiastic cheerleader. She motivates you to want to clean out your clutter and then actually works along with you. She is upbeat and positive, but real. Thank you, thank you!" - Evonne Morrissey, Sacramento, CA

"Ann has calmed my clutter and helped me gracefully let go of many items while organizing others. She is a great coach for keeping areas clean and goes above and beyond the call to help." - Ileen Jellison, Sacramento, CA

"Ann Nagel is an excellent reference for anyone who is looking for an organizer who is easy to be with. She not only has simple teaching methods, but has a wonderful personality. She is down to earth, caring, compassionate and patient. I am very grateful for the time she has spent with me. I can find my files! I'm sure you'll be delighted, too. Do yourself a favor; call Ann!" - Muriel Lahey, Sacramento, CA

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